marketing of MIT work to a wide audience

stephen salk
April 4, 2018

I am an HRO who has just been with MIT for six months. I've worked for many large and small organizations including: Boston Children's Hospital, American Redcross and The Home Depot. I presently support the VPR and School of Science.

For most of my adult life I have lived in the Boston metro area, so I've been aware of MIT.

What I did not know was all the range of work being done here: nuclear, plasma fusion,AI, climate, planetary, brain, cancer etc. In the non-MIT ( perhaps non-higher ed) world many of us are very concerned about the state of the world
and recently the state of the country. At MIT many/most of these problems are being worked on...but the vast public does not know.

MIT already has the brand and therefore may not feel the need to market itself
However, if more people knew what was happening here it might fill a desperate void of optimism.

Suggestion: Hire a Chief of Marketing and Communications. ( Children's did it)

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Anonymous on April 10, 2018

MIT does have a Vice President for Communications already; see the organization chart at