Creative Commons depository for images

Gary Hack
March 19, 2019

Having authored a textbook through MIT Press and suffered through the difficulties of locating and getting permissions for the use of hundreds of photos and other illustrations, I have become persuaded that those of us who have large image files ought to grant Creative Commons licenses for their use. I have thousands of images that I would be happy to contribute, and I suspect that my colleagues in architecture and planning do as well. The process of depositing them via Wikipedia is cumbersome. Having the MIT library system create a CC image depository would be a great help. In years past the Rotch visual collection was of great use, but with the shift from slides to digital images, it has fallen into disuse. Many of the collections have not been updated for years. Adopting a Wiki approach that allows faculty and students to easily deposit their images into a CC collection would be of great help.

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