Create an indexable repository of MIT publications for the public to help student's work get noticed

Graduate Students
March 19, 2019

Open access articles tend to be more visible than paywalled papers. However, the fee to publish a paper in as OA is extremely high ($3-5K). As graduate students, we are pushed to not only do good work, but also make our work visible so that we build a scientific reputation. I proposed the following:

- An institute-sponsored repository for OA that allows us to put our papers
- This repository allows us to put publication ready paper that are NOT in journal format (that is, the text is nearly identical to that in the journal, has not been formatted to look like the journal article). This is important as most pre-print repositories do not allow an author to update their paper once it's been published and so a preprint may be different than a final paper. A graduate student has no leverage here, but if MIT can protect graduate students by allowing us to upload the final version the paper before it has been polished by the journal design team, that would be great.
- This repository is searchable on Google Scholar, Google, and other search engines

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